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Otto Finn

Vintage Kantha Mending Bundles

Vintage Kantha Mending Bundles

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The Otto Finn Lab Mending Bundle includes kantha scrap fabric from their production, saved from the cutting room floor in keeping with their commitment to reduce textile waste. Use them to patch a knee, reinforce a well-loved piece, or to breathe life back to a garment you haven't been wearing and give it a second chance!

We recommend using sashiko or quilting needles as these fabrics are thicker.

Each bundle includes 4 pieces, with the largest 2 measuring about 8" x 12" (big enough for a men's knee patch). Each bundle color theme is an example of what you'd receive and would not be identical to the picture as they are all unique and each bundle created will never be the same. 

Enjoy for crafts projects, textile art, or for mending of clothing, blankets, pillow covers!

This is a non-refundable item.

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