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Daybreak Seaweed Co.

Ume Shiso Furikake

Ume Shiso Furikake

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A rush of sweet-and-salty flavors meld into an irresistible blend you’ll reach for again and again.  Flavor-packed ume shiso furikake adds a zing of flavor. Daybreak Seaweed Co. partnered with Chef Kei Akabori of Casa de Kei on this vegan furikake bursting with bright umami. Japanese plum (umeboshi), roasted sesame, and Organic West Coast Wakame seaweed combine in a satisfying alchemy of salty, acidic, and bold flavors.

Sprinkle on soft-boiled eggs, as a topping for rice, rice bowls, or roasted veggies,  add to fresh poke, grilled fish, or sushi. Tasting Notes: Bright Plum * Tangy * Sweet * Salty

With elevated, full flavor ingredients: organic sesame seed, organic Alaska Wakame seaweed, organic shiso, organic plum vinegar, umeboshi, salt

Shelf life: 24 months

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