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Stillbones EVOO Camping Tin

Stillbones EVOO Camping Tin

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A more casual and portable foodie companion to take on the go, the Stillbones Olive Oil Camping Tin is the ideal partner for your campfire cooking while also being a great option for picnics and lunch at the beach. The 250 ml tin can has a built-in pop-out spout that allows for slow and easy pours. Smoke point of 410º F.

Tasting Notes: Made from Frantoio & Leccino olives, our Stillbones Extra Virgin Olive Oil is buttery and fresh with floral aromatics, grassy green notes, and a peppery finish.

Made in Waiheke Island, New Zealand. Where the forest and vines meet the ocean and sea breeze, Waiheke Island is a place of magic filled with vineyards, olive groves, and beaches a bounty. The dry soil mixed with the unique maritime micro-climate have made the island an ideal place to grow olives. They are all hand-harvested and are cold-pressed within a few hours of picking to ensure the best quality oil. 

Bottled in the Central Coast of California, Stillbones EVOO is packaged in a 375 ml, UV-coated glass bottle to prevent light exposure and oxidation while ensuring the highest quality oil with an extended shelf life. Each bottle includes a built-in recyclable drizzler cap that makes pouring smooth so that you can treasure every last drop.

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