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Pickle Forks

Pickle Forks

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These pickle forks make the perfect companion to an elegant cheeseboard. Also known as hors d'oeuvres forks, they are made from carefully saved offcuts of wood. Organically cut, following the grain pattern on each piece, each fork is hand shaped, faceted and sanded before being riveted with a decorative piece of solid copper recycled from electrical wiring which is carefully hammered into the stem of the fork. The forks are progressively refined through multiple sanding grits to their final form. The sharp tines are hand filed and sanded to a silky smooth and spear-worthy finish. Once done, they are sun tanned until the cherry deepens to its final deep rose hue. 

Each fork is approximately 5 inches long.

Zero-VOC food safe finish

Recycled copper decorative rivet.

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