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Lavish Blue Tea

Lavish Blue Tea

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A tea from Herbs & Kettle, this is a beautiful blend with butterfly blue pea flowers, green tea, lemongrass, ginger and mint.

It’s a popular blend for a few reasons- not only does it look beautiful, it tastes delicious, it’s fun, and has great health benefits! Lavish Blue tea is extremely soothing and refreshing. Add some lime and honey, and have it hot or iced. Steep the tea and have it as is or make a fun cocktail or lemonade.

Butterfly blue pea flowers have antioxidant rich anthocyanins that impart a deep blue color. When an acid like lime is added to the tea, it changes color to a bright violet. The lemongrass, ginger, single origin Darjeeling green tea and mint add a melange of lovely earthy, citrus, zesty, vegetal and herbaceous notes. Packed with antioxidants from the butterfly blue pea flower and green tea, the lemongrass, mint and ginger have anti-inflammatory benefits and improve digestion.

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