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Jasmine Black Tea

Jasmine Black Tea

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A loose leaf black tea from the Nilgiri region was chosen to make a phenomenal blend that is scented naturally using real jasmine flowers. The tea contains no additives or oils and is so naturally delicious. 

The black tea gives a full bodied cup, lasting aftertaste, mild astringency and a mineral texture with an extremely rich mouthfeel. Beautiful aromas of jasmine are noticed throughout with lovely undertones of oak bark, hay and plum. With about 4-5 infusions per serving, this tea is an absolute winner! Jasmine Black Tea makes a lovely warm cup to relax with in the evening. It is also lovely iced as a cold brew, mixed with a juice or as part of a cocktail.

Notes: jasmine, oak bark, hay, mango and plum.

Tin 1.06oz 

Caffeine Level- High Moderate 

To make the best cup, steeping Info is on the side of the tin allowing for multiple infusions. 

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