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Japanese Fruit Wood Chopsticks

Japanese Fruit Wood Chopsticks

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These simple and gorgeous chopsticks are made using Japanese fruit trees and 100% pure, high-quality beeswax to coat and preserve the wood. Each pair is shaped octagonal so they are easy to hold and the tips are square for easy food grasping. The wood has a beautiful texture and pattern and due to the natural nature of the wood, it is recommended to use beeswax or wood conditioner from time to time when they start to dry out ( a normal process for any wood that is not painted or lacquered). 

The Tetoca chopstick is produced by Kawai Corporation.  Founded in 1943, Kawai Corporation has focused on developing Japanese chopstick culture by designing, manufacturing, and distributing unique chopsticks throughout Japan and the world.  Not only do they contribute to the survival and prosperity of the area’s traditional craft, they also focus on promoting the attractiveness of chopsticks in the modern era, and they are one of the biggest chopstick manufacturers in Japan today.

Chopstick length 9''

Tetoca #1: Chestnut Wood
Tetoca #3: Mandarin Wood
Tetoca #4: Plum Wood
Tetoca #6: Olive Wood

Hand-wash only and let dry completely before storing away.

Made in Japan 


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