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Disco Funk Sunglasses, Cheetah

Disco Funk Sunglasses, Cheetah

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This is ARVO- funky, organic, and sustainable sunglasses that are designed and tested beachside in Honolulu, Hawaii by a close-knit family of surfers, creators & artists.

They design the shades out of their Hawaii office right next to the ocean so you can see why sun protection is the most important thing to them. The sunglasses are handcrafted in small batches with premium, earth-friendly materials to ensure durability, comfort, and 100% protection from UV rays.

Experience the Disco Funk vibe, injecting a touch of pep into your stride or a splash of funk into your ride. Crafted as an ode to the classic funk era, we've infused this style with vibrant hues, bold frames, and a versatile design tailored for sunny days, salty air, and seaside adventures.

-Made with 100% recycled plastics + M-49 Bio-Acetate

-100% UVA/ UVB protection

-Comes with a vegan leather case

-Made in small batches in the USA

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