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Herbs & Kettle

Brass Tea Strainer

Brass Tea Strainer

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Herbs & Kettle’s gorgeous handcrafted brass strainer that is perfect for chai and a great initial tool for steeping any loose leaf teas. 

Cleaning Tip:

On exposure to natural oils from your hand, air, light and amount of use, brass does oxidize over time and have patina (a natural tarnish). Some of you might like this antique feel like I do, while some of you may like it shiny. To bring the shine back to your brass strainer, it's a really simple fix and all you need is salt, vinegar and flour! Take ½ cup of vinegar and add 1 teaspoon of salt and enough flour to make a thick paste. Apply this paste as a coating all over the tarnished strainer allowing it to rest for 10 minutes and then rinse off. If you are looking for something that is quick and easy, you can also use a USDA certified food grade tarnish remover to bring back the shine to your brass strainer.

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